Online Training for the Hotel Industry

There are so many ways to offer training to your staff throughout the year. There are many outlets! You can offer training during staff meetings. You can offer conference calls. You an offer booklets and worksheets. One thing that I feel hotels have overlooked is ongoing training that can be done often and at their own pace. Trainings that can be done during their downtime at in their position or even on their own time (with incentives as they complete these career advancing trainings). One form of this can be online courses. Online courses can be wonderful outlets to offer your staff in order to improve your guest service and their career without spending individual time with each staff member. Individual time is important, but you can use this time to connect with the staff without solely focusing on training. 

A lot of hotel brands utilize, self-paced, online courses to get their training to the masses. Why wouldn’t you? Here are two of the major benefits to putting together an online course curriculum for their staff members (in all positions):

1. Time Management – When it comes to hotels, there are so many things going on. From customer service to pool maintenance. Why not free up some time but investing a little training time up front. CourseCraft offers a simple online platform with no coding skills needed. You can put your course together quickly. I always recommend taking the trainings you have, putting them in place first. This way you have a quick solution to your training. As you grow and learn, add more to each training and even additional trainings. 

2. Staff Investment – One of the best ways to prove to your employees that you care is to invest in their career advancement. This is why I developed our Hotel Career Advancement Planners in the first place. The best part about CourseCraft is they do have a FREE service. You can offer trainings to your staff for FREE! You can upgrade to offer quizzes, worksheets and so on but you don’t need to in order to get this awesome idea up and running! 

Making the basic trainings mandatory is a great idea but you can also take this idea and move it to the next level by offering additional trainings for future pay increases, employee reviews and career advancements. Do you think that if a superb Front Desk Associate but time in to complete additional trainings on management, revenue management, sales, marketing and so on, they might be a great candidate to move into a Front Desk Supervisor roll? Possibly a Assistant General Manager roll? I do! Showing effort and willingness to learn and grow is by far one of the best attitudes to have in the hotel industry.

Now for anyone that is interested in this idea but is not interested in the platform, CourseCraft, feel free to share this article while I discuss the benefits of CourseCraft and the features I find useful:

1. Price – The service is free, and you can offer this type of training without spending a dime! They do have upgraded services where you can offer unlimited seats (course takers) in each training, offer quizzes and so on but it is not needed. They have two additional upgraded plans. One is $29 per month and the other is $59 per month (both can be discounted if you purchase a year). 

2. Anyone Can Do IT – This service is extremely easy to use. The entire service is online and requires NO CODING! 

3. Capabilities – The free version offers the ability to “Drip” your lessons (this means have them automatically be sent to the course taker at certain times). This can help with engagement in your course. It is much better to have a lesson go out once a day, week or month then seeing the amount of it all at once and getting overwhelmed. The free version also offers commenting/discussion forums. This service can be extremely helpful! Having an outlet for your employees to voice their opinion on the lesson helps them be a part of the process! They will like that! In addition, the free version offers unlimited uploads so you can load documents like shift checklists, training material and even videos if you want. 

4. Upgrades – The upgraded versions do offer some things that can come in handy. The $29 a month version offers quizzes, surveys and forms for them to fill out (how easy would employee orientation be). The $59 per month version offers all these things and collaboration. This can be extremely handy when you are working on things with a supervisor at the corporate office or even others in the management team. 

If you wish to check out CourseCraft for FREE, here is the link: CourseCraft

Otherwise, at the minimum, checkout other platforms. This is a great way to offer training to your staff and save some time and money! 

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