“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up in someplace else.” Yogi Berra

Throughout my hotel industry career, I have mainly focused on the “sales” side of the business. From selling rooms to selling franchises. All aspects of this side of the hotel industry puts a strong focus on S.M.A.R.T. Goals and Action Plans. There isn’t as much planning, in my opinion, on the operations side of the business. It is all very reaction focused. IF a guest complains, make them happy. IF an employee does show, work the shift. IF the pipes burst in a room, fix it. Now I know that one is a hard to prevent, but you get the picture. I will say that a proper maintenance plan can prevent a lot of issues when it comes to those unforeseen issues like that, but that is just my opinion. Why not have plans in place that will improve your chances of putting your focus on actions vs. reaction. Check out my post on HOTEL OPERATION GOALS YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON TO GET A PROMOTION. If you are still not convinced that you need to plan, check out my post, THE IMPORTANCE OF PLANNING IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRY.

There are plenty of things that you can do, to help maximize your day and help you begin the planning aspect of your day. Here are a few strategies to put in place when it comes to you and your hotel:

THE EARLY BIRD – Some of the most successful people in the World boast this as one key to their success. Studies show that people who wake up early can be much more productive and have more control over their life in both work and play. I shoot for getting up before 5:30AM each morning. This morning I was at my desk starting my day by that time having already enjoyed my coffee and social media morning habit. Start off slowly. Stop hitting snooze and get up 15 minutes earlier. Wake up 15 minutes earlier each week. In my experience, it is much easier to get work done and catch up on things when you are working at a hotel in the early hours. Less employees running around to distract you. Less guests running around to complain. You will be pleasantly surprised how much you can accomplish in a day when you are up and at it early.

GOALS – Have them in place. I know that I mentioned S.M.A.R.T. Goals above, and I am a huge fan but simply have a goal in place will help you, at the minimum see where you want to be. Take a moment to check out my post, WHAT ARE HOTEL OPERATIONS S.M.A.R.T. GOALS. This is a focus in our Hotel Career Advancement Daily Planners.

Tip: Always keep your goals in front of you to ensure you remain focused.

PRIORITIZE – There are many studies that show prioritizing your day the night before is more beneficial. There are studies that show simply prioritizing is key. I don’t care what practice you put in place, just prioritize! Make a list. Follow it. If you wish to prioritize the night before, check out my post on HOW TO PLAN YOUR DAY THE NIGHT BEFORE IN THE HOTEL INDUSTRY.

MULTITASKING – There are times that I am a habitual multitasker. There are many job descriptions that even put focus on it. I am neither for nor against multitasking. What I do know is there is a time for multitasking and there is not. When you are trying to take care of a guest complaint and trying to adjust rates in your system at the same time. You may end up selling your last five rooms for $20 verses $200 because you were not paying attention to this extremely important task. You also may give that guest a $200 food voucher instead of a $20 food voucher. When taking care of things that require your full attention, give that task your full attention. If you are in the hospitality industry, multitasking is most likely in your blood. Just be careful not to create more work for yourself by doing it when it is not needed.

ONE TOUCH RULE – I once watched a Regional Director of Operations and a great leader in the industry, who is a big believer in the practice of only touching something once, go through a General Manager’s office with a big black garbage bag. This General Manager was having a very hard time keeping up on all his tasks. The Regional went thought the stacks upon stacks of papers on the General Manager’s desk (and I mean there were stacks), one by one, reviewing them with the General Manager. Throwing each piece of paper that did not have a propose, was taken care of and that did not need to be saved. I can tell you right now, those stacks, went down to one small stack of papers. From there the Regional and General Manager went through each left over document and took care of them one by one. Either making files for them, filing them in existing files or taking care of their purpose and throwing them away. This exercise not only showed the great patience and leadership the Regional offered their Managers, it also showed a great importance in the rule of only touching someone once to me and the General Manager. This also pertains to emails. If an email lands in your inbox and you read it, take care of it and file it way. If you get many emails that can distract you from the task at hand, decide to only review your emails once an hour or once every couple hour. Whatever is the best for you. Just PLAN it!

Having a plan in place can and will help you maximize your success in the hotel industry. Put these strategies in place in your life and get one of our HOTEL CAREER ADVANCEMENT DAILY PLANNERS to help improve your chances!

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