“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

Planning is crucial in the development of your life. Now I wouldn’t say I am a crazy, plan every stop on a road trip type of person (no offense to people that are) but I do have a plan in place for my day, week, month, year, years, life and career. I have dreams and I write down how or what I need to do to achieve them. If I want to start a Hotel Management Company, guess what? I wrote down my goal and my plan and we got our first contract after putting that plan in place. I am not saying the plan did not change along the way. I am not saying I willed it to happen (although I do feel there is something to that). All I am saying is when you have a goal, the Action Plan and Steps you take are just as important as the goal itself and will make achieving that goal easier. Like Mr. Lincoln said above!

So, let’s go over some tips to help you put an Action Plan in place to achieve those goals I talk about in HOTEL OPERATION GOALS YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON TO GET A PROMOTION:

BE DETAILED IN YOUR ACTION PLAN – There are always bumps in the road so your Action Plan may change but remember, these are the steps you are taking to achieve your goal.

THINK IT THROUGH – When you think of your goal, you know there are many things that must fall in place in order for that goal to be realized. Think each aspect through. Understand each outcome and what they next step for them.

MULTIPLE WHEELS IN MOTION – If you have an Action Plan in place and it only has one step, I would strongly suggest putting a one or two steps in place. You have not followed the other tips. For instance, if you wish to improve your employee retention, you would not only have one step in your Action Plan. “Be nicer”, really isn’t a serious solution to your employees running for the hills (ok maybe for some). You could have this on your steps but really there are many additional things you should be doing if it is a serious goal and plan.

EYE ON THE BALL- Review your goals, plan and steps daily! If you are not looking at them daily (maybe in your Hotel Career Advancement Daily Planner), you will lose track of them. You work in an industry that is changing and moving constantly. If you lose track of the “ball”, you lose track of your career.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Mr. Lincoln and Mr. Franklin had something in common! They understood the importance of a good plan. Both achieved great things in life. Give it a try with out Hotel Career Advancement Daily Planners!

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