There are so many tips out there on getting promotions and getting ahead in your career. Most do not pertain to the hotel industry. I felt this needed to be addressed. That is why I developed this company and the Hotel Career Advancement Planner. Everyone focuses on general information. Very few focus on us! As I have said in many of my posts, this is a wonderful industry that you either love or hate. This is an industry that once you’re in and enjoy your job, you will most likely, never leave. Is is one of he few industries where you can always move up, but you will most likely not actually switch (some people do venture into restaurants).

In my experience (take that for what it’s worth), there are four different areas that you can work on as a person working in Hotel Operations. They touch on important aspects of your job and your career (yes there is a difference). Here are the four areas you should focus on when setting your goals to get a promotion:

Customer Service – Providing the best customer service should be a given but if your guests are happy, your employees are happy (if you are in management) and you are happy! There is always room for improvement so don’t sit by and lose focus on the guest. The factor that ensures you have a job.

Management Relations – Having a good, supportive relationship (when I say relationship, I am assuming support is given by each party) with your supervisor and others within your company that are in a supervisor role will go a long way in your career.

Colleague Relations – Ensuring that you are a supportive colleague in the hotel industry is extremely important. This goes for your sister hotels, competitors and your employees.

Self-Development – Taking care of yourself is another important aspect of your career. Read a book, take a class, just keep learning and growing your knowledge. It will come in handy!

Putting goals in place that offer a focus in each of these four aspects of your career can help skyrocket you to your next promotion. Take a moment to check out my posts, WHAT ARE HOTEL OPERATIONS S.M.A.R.T. GOALS and HOTEL OPERATIONS S.M.A.R.T. GOAL TIPS to help improve your chances.

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